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BBITES Mini-Post #9 x snack time @ Genie

Page_1 copyHappy Easter!

Went to IFC the other day and stopped by Genie Juicery for the first time. I was following a friend who goes regularly, and decided to pick up a juice and snack as well.

Page_2 copyOf course, I’d heard of Genie before; one of the founders (Cara G. McIlroy) is a fellow model in Hong Kong – and their PR machine is quite effective. The prices (each bottle costs around $70) are a far cry from the fresh orange juice I pick up from local vendors in my neighbourhood ($12), but it’s not for no reason: the recipes are complex and everything is cold-pressed.

Among the many juices on display was the Life Blood juice, a “blood cleansing uplifter“. Sounded like exactly what I needed, since I’d had alcohol the night before.ababThe juice was delicious from the first sip with a consistency somewhere between water and a smoothie. The recipe was well-balanced: wholesome beetroot; apple and carrot, which always go well together; and lemon – the perfect citrus touch to round things up.

Page_2To pair with the juice, I also picked up a Pana Chocolate wild fig and orange bar. This brand makes chocolate by hand with no heat – and the result is an intense cocoa flavour, and an incredibly velvety, truffle-like texture. You have to keep these refrigerated as they melt once you start handling them, but that shouldn’t be a problem since I finished mine in under a minute. I eat orange-infused chocolates often, and this one was really great.

While I may not be ready for a 6-day cleanse just yet, I was certainly very pleased with my first taste of what Genie has to offer…

Bakker x

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Fun Food Apps for iPhone

1Hi guys! Tonight’s post was actually supposed to be a new review. However, my camera has some issues transferring the photos, so in the meantime please enjoy some of my picks for fun food apps for the iPhone.

2These three picks are apps I’ve had on my iPhone for several years now, and never cease to be a source of occasional, mind-numbing fun 😉

4Scoops is extremely simple. And that’s why it’s fun. After choosing a theme (my favourite is the hamburger theme), the objective is to build as large a stack of ingredients as possible without losing a life.

The ingredients fall down in a random order from any corner of the top of the screen, and all you have to do is tilt your burger/screen to “catch” them. The higher your burger gets, the more wobbly – and the more points you get, the faster the ingredients fly down at you.

If you get really good, you’ll eventually stack up all the way into the space, filled with stars and planets… 😀

5Oven Break is a bit more complicated, but only by a little. Your character is a gingerbread man who is running across the screen to escape from the kitchen. Using the “jump” and “slide” buttons, you have to navigate the oncoming stream of goodies (which get you points) and deadly obstacles (which make you lose a life).

6Then, there’s King’s Cup – the classic deck of cards drinking game, made digitally convenient. I’ve played this with friends on a night out before, and it’s always been a success. If you’re unfamiliar with the rules of this game click: here.

There’s built-in instructions in case you’re feeling rusty, and like all of the apps I’ve showed you so far, it’s a free app!

3Last but certainly not least, is any Hong Kong foodie’s essential app: the OpenRice app. OpenRice is an online dining guide edited by everyday people, for the people. It’s awesome, and having an on-the-go version that’s easier than loading onto your smartphone browser is priceless.

Yup, you guessed it, this one’s free too… It’s especially useful when you’re not sure what to eat in the area, as it syncs with your phone’s GPS to recommend local eateries.


Please stay tuned for the upcoming resto review, and hope you enjoyed this edition of “BYTES“. To read more BYTES posts, here are some links to previous blogs of mine:

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BBITES Mini-Post #7 x Singapore Swig

SSIf you live in Singapore, this post is (especially) for you!

During my last visit, my brother took the family to a favourite new spot of his: The Good Beer Company – a quirky stall that stocks dozen of imported craft beers and ciders.

Located in the Chinatown hawker centre on Smith Street, there’s no lack of ambience and bustle here. With local food vendors all around, you’ll find a fun mix of people floating around the corner where this beer oasis is located (Unit #02-58).

My favourite was the delicious dessert-in-a-bottle cider: Brothers Toffee & Apple cider. I’ve had flavoured ciders before, but this beat them all. But, that’s just one of many… 

If you’re in the mood for a swig of the craft craze: The Good Beer Company is just a couple of “MRT” stops away 😉SS 2Thanks for reading!

Bakker x

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Beef & Liberty : Guilty Pleasures

1It’s a rainy, comfort-food kind of Saturday in Hong Kong, and it’s the perfect time to write up my recent visit to Beef & Liberty, a Wan Chai burger restaurant that is all about guilty pleasures.2Beef & Liberty serves grassfed beef raised the old fashioned way – but there’s a lot more decadence on the menu than just the good burgers.3There’s only three appetisers to choose from (corn cobbler; fried chicken; and ribs) and it’s a wise move. Instead of offering more appetisers just for variety’s sake, the focus on just three means improved quality. And when we opted for the two meat options, this was certainly the case.4The chicken wings packed a punch of crisp and flavour – with a killer batter. My entree favourite, though, was the barbecued pork ribs which had the kind of tenderness and sticky sweet glaze that makes pigging out a pure delight.5When it came to burger time, I was attracted to the burgers on the novelty side of things.

First, a green chili cheese burger with jalapeno relish; and second, a vegetarian felafel burger.6Between pan fried burger brioches that boast a slightly sweet taste, the beef and felafel were very nicely done in their own right.

The beef was perfectly cooked at medium-rare, and a healthy splash of spice coming through the green chili and jalapeno was a fiery yet refreshing complement.

Meanwhile, boasting a rich and creamy textured filling, the felafel patty was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. And to tie up the heady middle eastern taste? A side of cooling harissa yoghurt.7Last and definitely not least, came our ultra decadent dessert: a REAL-life cookie and cream.8While I’ve ‘tried’ this flavour countless times in ice-creams and chocolates, to experience the homemade cream poured over a molten, pan-baked cookie was on another (incredibly sweet-toothed) level.

Think: soft cookie dough with large chunks of melted chocolate chips, topped blended with rich and smooth cream, melting into one another in an explosion of sweetness…9If that doesn’t tempt you, I don’t know what will…

Bakker x


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Bakker’s Bites – 3rd Birthday!

1HAPPY BIRTHDAY… to Bakker’s Bites!!!!!!!

It’s been THREE years since I started Bakker’s Bites! Through graduating university, and working in different industries in Hong Kong, it’s been such a journey and I feel so fortunate to have been able to keep up this passion of mine!

Thank you for staying with me these years, and I hope you enjoy this special birthday post!
2So what’s this post all about (in case you’re a new reader)? Every anniversary, or birthday, of my blog I’ve wanted to do something extra special.

For my blog’s last two birthdays, that happened to be photo shoots…

3Click here to check out the 1st Birthday Shoot post and album.
Click here to check out the 2nd Birthday Shoot postalbum and making-of video.

4This year, as you may already be able to tell, I wanted to do something different other than a photo shoot. That’s when I thought of Hong Kong illustrator Kitty N. Wong, a lovely lady I recently met, whose illustrations’ whimsical style and girly charm seemed a perfect fit for Bakker’s Bites.5

So I drew up some sketches of my vision, and made a coffee date with Kitty to get the ball rolling… and, as they say, the rest is history!6We spent most of the meeting talking about gossip, our love lives and raving on the delicious cakes, goats cheese toast and coffees at Cafe Lavande, but soon enough I got an update of her progress (see below) and knew that she’d understood exactly what I was going for! I couldn’t wait to see the final pics…7And finally, here are the gorgeous final drawings, which I simply can’t stop staring at. I’m in love!!!! Just like the previous two years, the birthday images will be used for 1 year on my blog, facebook page and all social media as the new ‘look’ for Bakker’s Bites. 🙂 ENJOY!89101112

See you soon, with more bites!

Bakker x

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Sunday: Pho Day

1Sometimes Sundays just have to be: PHO days!

After drinks on a Saturday night, there’s nothing like a steaming hot bowl of pho to make you feel better.

Usually I drag my lazy self to my neighbourhood pho – which is mediocre, but there are times when proximity trumps all. This week, however, my friend Claire and I decided we needed to step up our pho game.2After a quick cab drive to Wan Chai, we arrived at Locomotive Café and immediately ordered 2x raw and cooked beef bowls of pho. It was an odd time for a meal – around 3:30pm – so we were relieved to see that it was still open, and blissfully quiet and empty inside as we were the only patrons.3Locomotive has a charming back-story of how the scent of an old man’s pho broth caught the attention of commuters at a Saigon train station, and how he became a popular vendor afterwards.5Quaint decor details, like luggage storage and clocks on the wall with times of different cities are a nice complement to the story – but the most charming of all is the pho itself!

4When it comes to pho, the make or break is the broth. And, with a rich, sweet-salty aroma of spices – cinnamon and star anise shining through – the broth was a winner!

Unlike my stingy neighbourhood pho (which, by the way costs the same price!!), Locomotive‘s pho has all the goodies a good pho deserves to have: sliced onion, chives, coriander, fried shallots, as well as lime, bean sprouts and chilli offered on the side. Meanwhile, the beef cuts are wonderfully thin, tender and with just the right amount of fat. 6Some pho soups are too salty and heavy, but Locomotive‘s was the perfect balance to keep both Claire and I sipping away until there was nothing left…

Bakker x

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HK’s Best Secret Drinks – Part 1: BARSMITH


WELCOME to a special BBITES series 🙂 I’m going to be taking you through three different bars in Hong Kong featuring secret drinks that are off-menu.

Part 1 is about the place you don’t know yet: BARSMITH

Part 2 will be about a bar you do know, featuring off-menu treats


Part 3 will be an EPIC SURPRISE

So get ready to ‘get in the know’ and sip it up, Bakker’s Bites style…


Barsmith is located at 4/F, 60 Wellington Street, Central.

I first went to Barsmith with some friends, and while the bar is still in its soft-opening phase, I can’t help but share with all of you how AWESOME this bar is.

A little bit hidden, Barsmith is the perfect place to escape LKF while being in the heart of the action.3The concept behind Barsmith is that while there’s a menu, the emphasis is on building a relationship with the bartenders who will create drinks based on your personality and preferences.3bWhen I arrived for my tasting I was guided through two amazing cocktails prepared by mixologist Miyake Ayako from Japan.

Asking for something a bit on the fresh and sweet side, Ayako suggested a Japanese peach-based cocktail, since it was in season. I asked what would be in the drink, and she basically said, “Leave it to me.” And, boy am I glad I did!Page_3The first thing Ayako did was whip out a blender and start to purée fresh Japanese peach. Things were off to a good start.5Next came the selection of different liqueurs and ingredients, and I watched patiently while she put together a combination of peach creams, celery bitters, whiskey and sea salt.Page_4The balance was incredible. A smooth, smoothie-like texture caressed the palate while the whisky was cut by sweet peach. Meanwhile, in case things got a little too sugary, sea salt added the perfect sobering note.

Impressed, I wondered what to order next and asked Ayako to ‘surprise me’. 7As we chatted a little, I learned that the Japanese jeans brand Evisu was downstairs and had some kind of affiliation with the bar re: its owner/investors or something along those lines.

With that in mind, she declared the next drink would be called “The Evisu” and decided to finish things up with a dessert-inspired cocktail.BarsmithAs you can see from the ingredients, this drink was all decadence. The highlight for me was sampling the Benedictine liqueur which tasted like honey syrup: pretty much a nectar for the gods.9Resulting in a tiramisu-esque concoction, the rich texture and creative flavours were unlike anything I’d tried before: and that’s the point.

Creating custom, unique cocktails with their customers is why I’m so excited about Barsmith.

While other bars do this occasionally (and usually with much persuasion), Barsmith specialises in tailored drinks: my kind of heaven.10So are you ready to enjoy? I know I am…

Thanks for reading, and  stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 😉 !

Bakker x

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