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Welcome to the Circus!

Burger Circus is located at 22 Hollywood Rd.

If you’re a Central dweller or LKF crawler, you’re sure to have already walked past – and peeked into – Burger Circus.
Isn’t it cute?!?! In the style of a classic American diner, Burger Circus serves exactly what you’d expect: burgers, milkshakes and fries.
3There’s fun details everywhere, from the menu holders to the staff’s old-school aprons and hats. Guests can choose between booth seating, or a spot at the bar.
4My friend and I ended up at the bar, and started with two shakes while waiting for our burgers.

The service is friendly and quick, so we didn’t wait for long. But long enough to both agree that the shakes were really good. There’s also some alcoholic milkshakes on the menu, but I’ll have to try that next time…

Topped with whipped cream and maraschino cherries, they were scrumptious and creamy 🙂
5The burgers, as you can see, are served in little paper boxes. I would advise to eat the burger using the box as a holder, because they are dripping with fabulous grease. Also, the bread is very fluffy and the whole thing is huge and quite difficult to eat by biting into it (without displacing your jaw, I mean).6Of course, to get the right photos, I took mine out of the box. Conclusion? –> Burger Circus is probably not the best place for a first date, unless you’re prepared to get really messy and have bits of food dangling out of your mouth 😀

7The menu has quite a few options, including chicken, and tuna burgers. I went for the Whole Show burger: beef patty, fried egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled beetroot and spicy mayonnaise.

It took a few bites to get into the spicy mayo in the middle, but boy was it worth the wait! A great combination in my opinion and, as a huge fan of beetroot, it was refreshing to see the underrated veggie make an appearance.

Overall the burger was really satisfying and hit the spot. Definitely a fan of the generous amounts of melted cheese oozing out of the bun. YUM.

Compared to a burger (similar price) I tried at Wan Chai’s Butcher Club a couple months ago, I felt like this one was better. And the awesome décor is just the cherry on the top!8On the other hand, while the sauce on the Circus Fries was very tasty (onion, cheese, and “circus sauce” reminiscent of “animal style” sauce from In-N-Out), I thought the fries weren’t thin or crispy enough to really blow us away.

After dinner, someone told me I should have tried the onion rings, which are great apparently – so now I’m living in regret.
9The whole experience was fun and fast – just like a simple burger joint should be. The convenience of the location, the irresistible design and feel-good burgers will have me back. Oh yeah, and it’s open till midnight EVERY DAY.

Bakker x

p.s. UPDATE (19/02/15) remember my post on the HK Beer Company? Well, Burger Circus stocks 4 of their drafts – so if you’re in Central and want to kill two birds with one stone, check them out! 🙂

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BBITES Mini-Post #8 x Cheese Ramen Review

1I’ve heard about cheese ramen before. Today I encountered it for the first time in my neighbourhood convenience store. HAD TO TRY.


#1 – I LOVE cheese. So much.

#2 – I often put cheese on my instant noodles / ramen anyway, so I wondered how a cheese-flavoured version would compare to my D.I.Y. cheesy noodles

3The packaging looked promising… (they always do).5Four minutes boiling time…
6Really recommend the above tip!
7So far, this is very standard for instant noodles: soup powder, dried vegetables. The soup powder tasted a bit peppery, not cheesy at all.
8This was the crucial step: the cheese powder. I expected it to melt on top of the ramen and stay there. Instead most of it dissolved completely, making the soup taste milky and buttery. There was a tiny bit of “melted” cheese left on the top after stirring.
9Not as pretty as the packaging image, but never judge a book by its cover. Now, it’s time for the verdict… *drum roll*
10APPEARANCE: Not very appealing. The soup had a white, milky appearance.
TEXTURE: Enjoyed the ramen noodles texture. Satisfying, and had a nice ‘bounce’ to them.
TASTE: The overall the cheesiness I was hoping for was missing. Renaming this ‘milky butter ramen’ would make more sense. There was also a hint of pepper and generic noodle stock taste.

CONCLUSION: OK, this is fine for a ‘comfort’ snack, but I don’t really think it lives up to its cheese promise. In the end of the day, I still prefer adding real cheese to my noodles because the effect is more powerful. If this instant noodles wants to be more epic, it needs to really BLAST a cheese flavour onto your palette…

Thanks for reading!

x Bakker

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Partners in Crime : PART 2

bakker's bites 1As promised, here is the photo-heavy update to my last post: Partners in… Crime.

My parents and I had a lovely time catching up and eating together. Out of the six meals we had, I’ve chosen to highlight three:

1. Tapas @ Kowloon Shangri-La
2. Sha Tin 18 @ Hyatt Regency, Sha Tin
3. Spring Moon @ Peninsula

So, get ready to RUMBLE!!!!!!!!! (and when I say “rumble”, I mean tummy-rumble, of course ;P)1Tapas @ Kowloon Shangri-La
There are no reservations at Tapas, which with dim lighting and sleek marble / wooden bar tops, gives it that trendy, tapas bustle. It also happens to be on sea-level and looks out to the bay. On the night we went, it was very windy and rainy which made sitting inside eating tapas and drinking wine even more cosy!

2Sha Tin 18 @ Hyatt Regency, Sha Tin
Right next to the University MTR Station and the CUHK (Chinese University of Hong Kong) Business School, is Sha Tin 18 – the Hyatt Regency’s culinary claim to fame. All those future executives are lucky to have this restaurant right next door!3The signature dish is their Peking Duck which looks (and tastes) great. The moment of glory – that I’m still reliving in my head – is dipping the crispy and oily sliced duck skin into sugar and biting into it. The texture is almost like honeycomb, while the sugar compliments the duck’s glaze perfectly. YUMMY.

When you order Sha Tin 18’s Peking Duck, it comes with recommendations for several condiments to accompany the different cuts of the duck made by the Chef. Definitely indulge in these!

4Spring Moon @ Peninsula
Last but not least, comes Spring Moon – a place that’s sort of become a tradition for when my parents are in town. It’s right near where they stay in TST, so a quick stroll down to some of Hong Kong’s finest dim sum is definitely worth the effort every time they visit!

5My Dad and I, in particular, love to snack on the small nuts, breadsticks and so on, that are often served in all kinds of restaurants. So, when Spring Moon brought out their unbelievably delicious candied walnuts, it was time to break out the chopsticks!6The dim sum at Spring Moon brings me so much joy! DELICIOUS! All of them… perfection. One of my childhood favourites is the far-right one: the deep fried taro. It’s really hard to find in Hong Kong for some reason (a bit easier in SG, but then also not everywhere) – but the one at Peninsula puts the cherry on the top of the cake because it also has chopped truffles in it too.

To finish the meal? A simple, voluptuous black sesame soup. Classic. 🙂7Bakker x

Sevie Surprise #1: Sausages

To say I go to 7-11 a lot would not be an overstatement.  In the past I have collected Sanrio x Swarovski character keychains from my trips to “sevie” with their sticker scheme, but of late my sticker-collecting habit has been reaping new rewards: cute Paul Frank collectible monkeys.

When I check out of the store with snacks and drinks for the day, I usually overlook the sausages behind the glass counter.  Why?  Well… to be honest – they simply don’t look that great, and sometimes I’d rather avoid a bad encounter than try something that might be unappetizing.

The story behind the above box of fish shaomai and sausages is that I bought the shaomai and my friend bought sausages.  In the end, I was persuaded to try one and to my surprise, it was pretty good!

Here I am eyeing the second batch I bought for myself.  Although urban legend says that they are probably made out of dubious animal parts (much like the mystique of the chicken nugget), I don’t really mind.  Served hot, glazed and with a pleasant crispy bite, they’re simply comfort at best and that means: salty.

But then again… we all like what’s not good for us. 😛  Check out sevie’s in-house kitchen treats once in a while, I plan to as well.

Bakker x