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Bakker’s Bites – 4th Birthday!

1HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY to Bakker’s Bites! Four years have flown by, and we’re back with our annual bday celebration post 🙂

This year I enlisted the creative genius of one of my best friends, and I’m sure you’ll love the outcome as much as I do! ❤
As always, the bday images will be used for the blog header, and social media graphics for the next year.

But first, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane:
2Before showing you Janine’s creations in all their glory, here are links to the previous bday posts:

1st Birthday Shoot post and album
2nd Birthday Shoot post and album
3rd Birthday Illustrations post and album 3

You may recognise Janine from BBITES’ 2nd bday shoot. She’s a talented baker, and when she brought an amazing cake to Locofama’s anniversary I knew she would be the perfect person to collaborate with for birthday number four.4Janine used a variety of tools to shape and sculpt the amazing edible artworks. Even though they look super real, don’t forget: all of the images you’re about to see are made of fondant (icing), and chocolate cake. Incredible!!!

Please enjoy the final images for BBITES 4th Birthday… *drum roll*


23Thank you so much to Janine for her wonderful work. Should you wish to reach her to commission any cakes, please use this email:

janineclaase @ yahoo.com

Let’s keep biting all the way till next year!

Bakker x

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Bakker’s Bites – 3rd Birthday!

1HAPPY BIRTHDAY… to Bakker’s Bites!!!!!!!

It’s been THREE years since I started Bakker’s Bites! Through graduating university, and working in different industries in Hong Kong, it’s been such a journey and I feel so fortunate to have been able to keep up this passion of mine!

Thank you for staying with me these years, and I hope you enjoy this special birthday post!
2So what’s this post all about (in case you’re a new reader)? Every anniversary, or birthday, of my blog I’ve wanted to do something extra special.

For my blog’s last two birthdays, that happened to be photo shoots…

3Click here to check out the 1st Birthday Shoot post and album.
Click here to check out the 2nd Birthday Shoot postalbum and making-of video.

4This year, as you may already be able to tell, I wanted to do something different other than a photo shoot. That’s when I thought of Hong Kong illustrator Kitty N. Wong, a lovely lady I recently met, whose illustrations’ whimsical style and girly charm seemed a perfect fit for Bakker’s Bites.5

So I drew up some sketches of my vision, and made a coffee date with Kitty to get the ball rolling… and, as they say, the rest is history!6We spent most of the meeting talking about gossip, our love lives and raving on the delicious cakes, goats cheese toast and coffees at Cafe Lavande, but soon enough I got an update of her progress (see below) and knew that she’d understood exactly what I was going for! I couldn’t wait to see the final pics…7And finally, here are the gorgeous final drawings, which I simply can’t stop staring at. I’m in love!!!! Just like the previous two years, the birthday images will be used for 1 year on my blog, facebook page and all social media as the new ‘look’ for Bakker’s Bites. 🙂 ENJOY!89101112

See you soon, with more bites!

Bakker x

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Bakker’s Bites – 2nd Birthday!

1Today, Bakker’s Bites turns TWO years old! Who knew time would fly so fast…

A lot has happened in the last year for BBITES: a lot of ‘firsts’, including my first invites to blogger events, and more readers than ever!

Last year, I published the Bakker’s Bites 1st Birthday Photo Shootand since then I’ve decided to make a birthday photo shoot for my blog an annual tradition.

With the help and talents of friends, my vision has come to life and I’m very proud to share Bakker’s Bites 2nd Birthday Photo Shoot with you, right now!

Keep reading for behind-the-scenes photos, video and food-bios on the team who helped me create these shots…2My original concept for the shoot was a Vanity Fair-esque shot, with myself and models wearing a variety of props and glamorous outfits.

The idea evolved into a shot where the models would be animals (wearing animal hats) and I would be the taster (with a giant fork).3At first, I thought I’d be able to buy the hats ready-made from Wan Chai Toy Market, or Pottinger Street… but in the end I couldn’t find anything that I liked.

It was a setback, but the ultimate decision to create the hats myself, from scratch, turned out to be the best decision I could have made!

One trip to the Art Supplies Professional store in Mong Kok, and over 5 hours of assembling by hand later, my four animal hats (fish, lobster, cow and chicken) and extra props (lips, giant fork and vegetables) were complete! 4The day of the photo shoot was a blast! I brought cupcakes, snacks, vino and music to keep everyone entertained, and inbetween shooting we simply had fun!6Our team was made up of four models (Janine, Michelle, Leonard and Natalie) as well as one stylist (Raven Tao) and of course, a photographer (Earl Wan).7The shooting location was the studio of a local Hong Kong painter (Simon Birch), who kindly let us use his space, which was perfect for the concept!5Before signing out, I’d like to introduce the AMAZING and team (and friends), who I couldn’t have done this without… Thank you all so much!12


Earl Wan

Q: Your last meal on earth, what would it be?
A: Right now, I’m dying for a Shepherd’s Pie.

Q: Butter or olive oil?
A: Olive Oil.

Q: One funny food fact that you know?
A: Apparently sweet potatoes’ nutritional value is 20x higher than your average veg. Also, it makes you fart a lot.


Raven Tao
Stylist – using items from Pearls & Arsenic

Q: Ingredient you hate the most?
A: Wasabi!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: Your last meal on earth, what would it be?
A: Poached salmon on a bed of baby spinach, covered in golden caviar and followed by Amadei Chuao chocolate.

Q: Butter or olive oil?
Butter. As much as possible please!

Model – Lobster

Q: Favourite restaurant in HK?
A: A toss up between Liberty Private Works (French private kitchen) and Yard Bird.

Q: Favourite cooking style?
 Baked. Logistically very easy, and everything that is baked is scrumptious. Pizza brownies, etc.

Q: Ingredient you hate the most?


Model – Cow

Q: One funny food fact that you know?
 Tomato is a fruit.

Q: Last meal on earth, what would it be? 
A: Red Wine. For starters: freshly baked warm bread with butter and home-made strawberry jam, and a cheese/cold cuts platter. Main course: spinach ravioli in cream sauce and the biggest, juiciest steak you can find, smothered in garlic. Dessert: malva pudding with custard and vanilla ice cream.

Q: Butter or olive oil?
A: Butter.


Model – Chicken

Q: Ingredient you hate the most?
A: Gluten (but only because I’m intolerant)

Q: Last meal on earth, what would it be?
A: Everything with gluten… haha!

Q: One funny food fact you know?
A: Ginger is a great digetsive aid, painkiller and anti-inflammatory that can also prevent motion-sickness.


Model – Fish

Q: Favourite style of cooking?
A: So hard to choose but I’d have to say oven-roasted.

Q: Last meal on earth, what would it be?
A: One made with love.

Q: Ingredient you hate the most?
A: Capsicum – used in Sichuan dishes – can’t stand them! Or black pepper.


FB Profile

The final pics have been used to update the banner on www.bakkersbites.com as well as my blog’s official facebook page and twitter – every year will have a new look!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this foodie fashion shoot. Thank you for reading my blog for these two years, and I hope you keep coming back to ‘BBITE’ into more 🙂

Please check out the MAKING-OF video here:

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 1.40.04 PM

x Bakker

Bakker’s Bites 2nd Birthday Photo Shoot – Sneak Peek


I’m very excited to share this sneak-peek with you all!

Bakker’s Bites 2nd birthday is coming up on February 5th, and this year’s annual photo shoot really took things to the next level!

Expect a fun, foodie-filled fashion shoot, photographed by my friend Earl Wan, as well as my very own “making-of” video… coming you way, very soon!

Bakker x


Bakker’s Bites 1st Birthday!!!!

Today marks one year since my first post on Bakker’s Bites!  To celebrate BBITES’ 1st Birthday, I organised a fun, food-themed photoshoot.  With the help of photographer Natalie Prittie-Perry, I shot some fun, tongue-in-cheek pics that I hope you’ll enjoy:

After a long day of shooting and a long night of AdobePhotoshop (my first time using the program! – talk about a crash course :P), I am proud of what Natalie and I have created.

In addition to the photoshoot, I have done some changes to the design of the site to make Year 2 of BBITES a bit easier on the eyes: new header, new fonts and a wider column for easier reading.

Time passes too fast, but I hope to keep up with continuing to share my food experiences with you.  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!

Bakker x

21st Birthday: Special Post

Today I celebrate my entrance into total worldwide legality: age 21!  To commemorate this wonderful excuse for a food-filled day, I would like to share with you photos from my childhood.  Food and happiness are the unifying themes to all this images… 🙂

Bakker x

Bakker of the Cookie Tribe

When in Rome... do as the Romans do (France 1998)

Hot Dogs, NYC!!

With my brother and cousin

10th Birthday - champagne with my best friend

Focusing on what's important...

When the food runs out... there's always boots!

My eyes always find the goods..

...and best for last 🙂 haha!