Hi and welcome to Bakker’s Bites – Hong Kong’s hungriest food blog 🙂


 WHO: My name is Li Meng de Bakker, also known as ‘Bakker’ in the HK modelling industry! Currently I’m a freelance writer among other things 🙂

 WHAT: Bakker’s Bites is my personal food blog, which I update in my free time.

 WHERE: Hong Kong. Although, I also write about my foodie adventures to other parts of the world.

WHEN: BBITES launched on February 5th, 2011. Check regularly for updates, or ‘like’ Bakker’s Bites Facebook Page for even more goodies and news!

WHY: I’ve always loved food and writing. So a food blog was just a matter of time…

Bakker x



4 responses to “About

  1. Ferry de Bakker

    very nice ! heard doris lau like it too. Guess my salt contribution wasn’t salty enough. no probs. love and hugs, dad

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  3. what is your contact email? May need your help in food blogs, thanks

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