Fun Food Apps for iPhone

1Hi guys! Tonight’s post was actually supposed to be a new review. However, my camera has some issues transferring the photos, so in the meantime please enjoy some of my picks for fun food apps for the iPhone.

2These three picks are apps I’ve had on my iPhone for several years now, and never cease to be a source of occasional, mind-numbing fun 😉

4Scoops is extremely simple. And that’s why it’s fun. After choosing a theme (my favourite is the hamburger theme), the objective is to build as large a stack of ingredients as possible without losing a life.

The ingredients fall down in a random order from any corner of the top of the screen, and all you have to do is tilt your burger/screen to “catch” them. The higher your burger gets, the more wobbly – and the more points you get, the faster the ingredients fly down at you.

If you get really good, you’ll eventually stack up all the way into the space, filled with stars and planets… 😀

5Oven Break is a bit more complicated, but only by a little. Your character is a gingerbread man who is running across the screen to escape from the kitchen. Using the “jump” and “slide” buttons, you have to navigate the oncoming stream of goodies (which get you points) and deadly obstacles (which make you lose a life).

6Then, there’s King’s Cup – the classic deck of cards drinking game, made digitally convenient. I’ve played this with friends on a night out before, and it’s always been a success. If you’re unfamiliar with the rules of this game click: here.

There’s built-in instructions in case you’re feeling rusty, and like all of the apps I’ve showed you so far, it’s a free app!

3Last but certainly not least, is any Hong Kong foodie’s essential app: the OpenRice app. OpenRice is an online dining guide edited by everyday people, for the people. It’s awesome, and having an on-the-go version that’s easier than loading onto your smartphone browser is priceless.

Yup, you guessed it, this one’s free too… It’s especially useful when you’re not sure what to eat in the area, as it syncs with your phone’s GPS to recommend local eateries.


Please stay tuned for the upcoming resto review, and hope you enjoyed this edition of “BYTES“. To read more BYTES posts, here are some links to previous blogs of mine:

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