Dessert Wars: Mott 32

1It’s time for round 2 of Dessert Wars! This time we feature Mott 32, the new stylish Chinese culinary complex in the basement of the Standard Chartered bank building.

Mott 32’s grand opening was a madhouse with about two thousand guests in attendance. And, the couple of times I’ve been back to eat, it’s been well patronised.

Before skipping right to the dessert, below is a little sample of what I tried… including their signature Peking Duck, and pork shaomai with a lovely quail egg in the middle!2So who are the contenders for this edition’s dessert war?3First, a nod to classical Chinese with an osmanthus and goji berry (or wolfberry) jelly called Mott’s Amber, and…

4Second, a bit of international departure, with a green tea chocolate-coated disc of soft chocolate mousse.5Our winner is: the green tea chocolate mousse! This dessert, served cool, is also topped with sesame nuts – a nice addition to its smooth chocolate and macha flavours.

While jelly-lovers will appreciate the delicate flavours and texture of the amber jelly, it’s a more subdued – and perhaps acquired taste…

For a sure winner, go with the green tea treat.

Bakker x

Sig bbites


One response to “Dessert Wars: Mott 32

  1. Sweet photos and illustrations! Pass on the jelly though thank you…

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