Dessert Wars: Three Monkeys

1Welcome to Volume 1 of Dessert Wars, where I face-off one dessert against another at hot spots around town.

Three Monkeys is my first stop.2The cosy Hollywood Road haunt primarily serves yakitori (grilled skewers), as well as spirits and chic cocktails – which makes this spot great not only for dinner but late night snacks as well.3After a slew of savoury skewers and a couple of cocktails, it was time to dig into dessert. And the obvious choice for this edition of Dessert Wars was the Warabi-Mochi and Affogato.4Both desserts have one thing in common: they are simple and well-known, making it very important to serve it well.

5The night’s first contender, the Affogato, was done just right. Made-to-order, it was served at an optimally hot temperature, gently melting the hazelnut-like scoop of gelato within. Any coffee lover’s ideal dessert but still a little creativity here could have spiced things up a great deal (e.g. some kind of added shavings or sprinkles?).6The winner for me was the Warabi-Mochi, although my friends both preferred the Affogato. Perhaps it was a matter of preference, or acquired taste, but trust me when I say: anyone who likes mochi will be delighted with this little bowl of heaven.

7Made with fern leaf flour (instead of regular mochi which is made with rice flour) warabimochi boasts an incredibly smooth and slippery texture. Biting through, however, the warabimochi retains a richness and elasticity that merges into the various condiments added on top.

These include kinako powder, and matcha powder (green tea) as well as a hearty dollop of sweet red beans in the centre. It’s a Japanese flavour combo that’s classic and well-loved.

Elegant, simple and delicious! A clear winner…8Bakker x

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