Bakker’s Bites – 3rd Birthday!

1HAPPY BIRTHDAY… to Bakker’s Bites!!!!!!!

It’s been THREE years since I started Bakker’s Bites! Through graduating university, and working in different industries in Hong Kong, it’s been such a journey and I feel so fortunate to have been able to keep up this passion of mine!

Thank you for staying with me these years, and I hope you enjoy this special birthday post!
2So what’s this post all about (in case you’re a new reader)? Every anniversary, or birthday, of my blog I’ve wanted to do something extra special.

For my blog’s last two birthdays, that happened to be photo shoots…

3Click here to check out the 1st Birthday Shoot post and album.
Click here to check out the 2nd Birthday Shoot postalbum and making-of video.

4This year, as you may already be able to tell, I wanted to do something different other than a photo shoot. That’s when I thought of Hong Kong illustrator Kitty N. Wong, a lovely lady I recently met, whose illustrations’ whimsical style and girly charm seemed a perfect fit for Bakker’s Bites.5

So I drew up some sketches of my vision, and made a coffee date with Kitty to get the ball rolling… and, as they say, the rest is history!6We spent most of the meeting talking about gossip, our love lives and raving on the delicious cakes, goats cheese toast and coffees at Cafe Lavande, but soon enough I got an update of her progress (see below) and knew that she’d understood exactly what I was going for! I couldn’t wait to see the final pics…7And finally, here are the gorgeous final drawings, which I simply can’t stop staring at. I’m in love!!!! Just like the previous two years, the birthday images will be used for 1 year on my blog, facebook page and all social media as the new ‘look’ for Bakker’s Bites. 🙂 ENJOY!89101112

See you soon, with more bites!

Bakker x

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4 responses to “Bakker’s Bites – 3rd Birthday!

  1. Happy 3rd Birthday! =)

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