HK’s Best Secret Drinks – Part 2: Blue Butcher


WELCOME to part 2 of a special BBITES series :) where I’ll take you through three different bars in Hong Kong featuring secret drinks that are off-menu.

Part 1 was about the place you didn’t know yet: BARSMITH

 Part 2 is about a bar you do know: the bar of popular restaurant Blue Butcher


 Part 3 will be an EPIC SURPRISE

So without further ado, here comes Part 2…

2Over the past couple of years Blue Butcher has sunken its teeth into the Central dining scene, and many menu items (think Apple Pie Moonshine and the Bone Marrow) have  garnered a lot of fans – I know I’m one!4So when I asked what was off-menu when it came to drinks, a quick answer was at hand: the Basil Smash cocktail. I’m a sucker for herbs so I immediately thought: bring it on.5As its name suggests, basil is the superstar ingredient of this refreshing and chic cocktail. I mean, look how cool those basil leaves look, poking out from the glass?!6And the gorgeous green colour? Well that comes from… you guessed it… smashed basil leaves which are run through a titillating combination of vodka, gin, lemon juice, gomme syrup (sweet and smooth) and orange bitters.7Now I’m a bit biased because not only do I love herbs, I love citrus flavours too, so this drink was the perfect fit: hitting the palate with an almost spicy zing of basil freshness, and following with a discreet sweet and sour medley. All over a single large ice cube… classy.8So, the next time you swing by Blue Butcher, and you’re craving something that will cut through the heavy food with style, just remember this post and ask for a Basil Smash.


Bakker x

Sig bbites


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