Behind the Review: Seasalt

1Sometimes a review can only explore certain areas of a dining experience due to something Hong Kongers know a thing or two about: competitive real estate.

Yup, when you’re limited to – say – 250 words, it can be harder to write than a 700 word main review!

Anyway, with all of this is mind, I thought it would be fun to blog about a place I recently reviewed to show a bit more behind the scenes, and also because the photos looked so cool I couldn’t resist!

To read the review for Time Out HK click here: Seasalt Review


Seasalt is a new place on Mosque street serving gourmet fish and chips.

As you can see, the decor in Seasalt is functional and cute at the same time. There’s a cool surfboard hanging on the right side just in case you weren’t sure if you were at a fish and chips restaurant. 3This guy totally matched the vibe! 4Here’s “The Lot” which I talk about in the review. Highlights here included spot on calamari and the prawns which were near to perfection!

The salad is a success with a lot of goodies like Japanese dressing and bean sprouts for that Asian feel. Salty haloumi cheese on the top was a great touch, too.5I only started my photo-taking AFTER all the food had arrived. This is my way of making sure it doesn’t look like I’m there for a review 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Bakker x6

Sig bbites


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