Partners in Crime : PART 2

bakker's bites 1As promised, here is the photo-heavy update to my last post: Partners in… Crime.

My parents and I had a lovely time catching up and eating together. Out of the six meals we had, I’ve chosen to highlight three:

1. Tapas @ Kowloon Shangri-La
2. Sha Tin 18 @ Hyatt Regency, Sha Tin
3. Spring Moon @ Peninsula

So, get ready to RUMBLE!!!!!!!!! (and when I say “rumble”, I mean tummy-rumble, of course ;P)1Tapas @ Kowloon Shangri-La
There are no reservations at Tapas, which with dim lighting and sleek marble / wooden bar tops, gives it that trendy, tapas bustle. It also happens to be on sea-level and looks out to the bay. On the night we went, it was very windy and rainy which made sitting inside eating tapas and drinking wine even more cosy!

2Sha Tin 18 @ Hyatt Regency, Sha Tin
Right next to the University MTR Station and the CUHK (Chinese University of Hong Kong) Business School, is Sha Tin 18 – the Hyatt Regency’s culinary claim to fame. All those future executives are lucky to have this restaurant right next door!3The signature dish is their Peking Duck which looks (and tastes) great. The moment of glory – that I’m still reliving in my head – is dipping the crispy and oily sliced duck skin into sugar and biting into it. The texture is almost like honeycomb, while the sugar compliments the duck’s glaze perfectly. YUMMY.

When you order Sha Tin 18’s Peking Duck, it comes with recommendations for several condiments to accompany the different cuts of the duck made by the Chef. Definitely indulge in these!

4Spring Moon @ Peninsula
Last but not least, comes Spring Moon – a place that’s sort of become a tradition for when my parents are in town. It’s right near where they stay in TST, so a quick stroll down to some of Hong Kong’s finest dim sum is definitely worth the effort every time they visit!

5My Dad and I, in particular, love to snack on the small nuts, breadsticks and so on, that are often served in all kinds of restaurants. So, when Spring Moon brought out their unbelievably delicious candied walnuts, it was time to break out the chopsticks!6The dim sum at Spring Moon brings me so much joy! DELICIOUS! All of them… perfection. One of my childhood favourites is the far-right one: the deep fried taro. It’s really hard to find in Hong Kong for some reason (a bit easier in SG, but then also not everywhere) – but the one at Peninsula puts the cherry on the top of the cake because it also has chopped truffles in it too.

To finish the meal? A simple, voluptuous black sesame soup. Classic. 🙂7Bakker x


2 responses to “Partners in Crime : PART 2

  1. YUM!

  2. Ferry de Bakker

    I’m getting hungry…

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