There’s Something About Ping Kee

1Ping Kee Thai Restaurant is on Third Street, crossing Water Street.

It’s been a while now that I’ve been meaning to blog about Ping Kee Thai, a neighbourhood restaurant in Sai Ying Pun. The only problem was that I always bring  friends and – in my enthusiasm – kept forgetting to bring my camera with me.

I was first taken to Ping Kee by a family friend, and in turn I’ve passed along the favour by introducing my own friends to this unassuming, family-run restaurant… one of whom literally went back the very next day, on his own, to relive our dinner – and, in particular, the AMAZING grilled fish.2That friend was Leonard, who joined me for dinner with his sister, Natalie (her first time at Ping Kee!) on my BBITES mission. Although you can usually walk in to get a table, we happened to go on a public holiday, which meant there were more patrons than usual. After about a 20 minute wait – in which we enjoyed our fresh coconuts outside – we began the feast…3Ping Kee is named after its chef, a hardworking and talented lady chef who prepares the food in a relatively small kitchen at the back. Her husband and son also work in the family business: by serving the floor and preparing BBQ grilled menu items.5The secret ingredient tying every dish together is their special, homemade chili sauce. Spicy, sweet and little bit tart, it goes well with everything! If only I could somehow steal the recipe; I love it so much I could practically bathe in it…4As I mentioned, part of the menu consists of BBQ grilled items that are prepared on order. Then of course, there’s a slew of classic Thai dishes, with a splash of Cantonese influence here and there. We started with some grilled items – this being the perfect way to enjoy and savour Ping Kee’s chili sauce and get our appetites flowing! There’s a LOT more options for skewers/grilled items, so GO and sate your curiosity 🙂6The star of the show always was, and continues to be (for me, at least) the Grilled Fish… a phenomenally fresh grilled white fish. Everyone I’ve brought agrees, and when you eat at the restaurant,  you can spot regulars by the simple fact that they’ve also got one on their table.

Arriving steaming hot, with herbs and chilli stuffed in its cavity for flavour, it has crispy, salt-encrusted skin encasing its tender meat. The meat within is sprinkled with dill, and when you eat it with the chili sauce together, it’s just heaven.7To accompany this, some pad thai was in order. Brimming with goodies (fresh vegetables, chicken and egg), the pad thai was such a success that we felt it would be wrong to leave Ping Kee without eating more.9And so followed a deliciously creamy and fragrant green chicken curry…8…which, of course, we needed rice to eat with. Thankfully we opted for a huge plate of pineapple rice, instead of steamed rice – because it was the best pineapple rice I’ve ever had.10Chunks of juicy pineapple, chopped vegetables, raisins lay under a bed of pork floss which, once you’ve mixed it together, produces a most delightful texture and flavour. I couldn’t help scooping pineapple rice, green curry and cabbage (below) all into one bowl, mixing it together and revel in how lucky I am that I live so near to Ping Kee. 11Casual, familial and bursting with good, honest food, Ping Kee is one of my favourite places to eat in Hong Kong. It has never disappointed me yet, and whenever I feel like a great dinner and a couple of beers with friends, my mind immediately jumps to Ping Kee…

So, what are you waiting for! 🙂12Bakker x


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