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11111It’s almost half-way through the year, and as always things are changing in my world of BBITES. I’m happy to share with you that I’m a fully-fledged writer now, not only for my blog, but for publications in Hong Kong, as well 🙂

For one, I’ve been contributing to magazines for food writing; a few months ago I posted my travel x food story on Japan which was published in Crave Magazine and even more has happened since then. So, I’ve put together a little “Reader’s Digest” of my restaurant and bar reviews that have been published for Time Out HK in case you’d like to see what I’ve been up to:

ONLINE Food Stories:
Interview with Chef Daniel Humm

Which leads me to another great thing about writing – you get to experience a lot of new things!! Case in point: a Time Out story I wrote on the Dirty Dancing Musical (read it: here) turned into a BBITES opportunity!

After seeing the coverage, Black n White Desserts got in touch with me because they’d actually created not only a chocolate sculpture for the show (on display in the HK Cultural Centre) but also a special Dirty Dancing Dark 72% Mousse Cake ($40), which they asked me to try… How could I say no?!?! 🙂Page_2With 4 layers of alternating chocolate mousse and sponge cake, it was a rich delight. At first I was hesitant to dig in because it was so pretty, but in the end the cute white chocolate swirl was too hard to resist!

Its shape and colour are inspired by the famous “lift” moment in the film, but as Black n White told me, they opted for a baby pink colour (instead of hot pink) to avoid using too much artificial colouring.

I also tried their signature hot chocolate in the white chocolate version! It’s a D.I.Y. version using milk and a laced dome of chocolate that you drop inside… Check it out – and the Black n White sculpture – on my facebook page by clicking the pics below ❤

Bakker x


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  1. Kegan Gordon

    Swayze is forever the quintessential mans man!!!

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