Jack In The Box

1It’s Saturday night and Bakker’s Bites is staying in to blog about something some of you may be consuming later this evening: Jack Daniel’s whiskey.

But this is ol’ Jack as you probably haven’t tried it before… 2With its extremely attractive packaging, this bar of chocolate is hard to miss when scanning the sweets aisle.

Whoever designed this package knew what they were doing. On the front, the Jack Daniel’s iconic logo speaks for itself, with the product description in cool silver print underneath. Above the logo, the chocolatier’s logo (Goldkenn) is barely visible in a subtle embossed print = C.L.A.S.S.Y.

3Open the box and tear the golden aluminium foil to reach your capsules of Jack Daniel’s chocolate… feeling regal yet?

4Dissection reveals a generous portion of whiskey syrup encased in each capsule. As I cut the chocolate open, the aroma of sweet Jack Daniel’s floated upwards. I took the opportunity to do a taste-test when the liquid is drained…

DRAINED: The Jack Daniel’s flavour disappears quite quickly into a subtle taste reminiscent of a regular high quality liqueur chocolate you might get at Christmas. Suitable for anyone who’s not a big whiskey, or alcohol fan.

5So, what happens when you pop the whole thing in your mouth? As I discovered this is absolutely the way to eat it – even though I wouldn’t normally call myself someone who particularly likes the taste of whiskey – call me converted!

THE WHOLE SHEBANG: Divine. After cracking the piece open with your teeth, whiskey syrup explodes in your mouth. Its intensity is such that – for a moment – you get that cool airy feeling in your nose that a strong liqueur can give. At first, it verges on being overpowering but quickly plunges in a wonderful balance of smooth milk chocolate, gritty sugar and an evolving taste of Jack Daniel’s that turns caramel-like as it all blends together.

6Selling at HKD 39.90, it’s more expensive than most chocolates at 7-11, but still cheaper than many famous chocolate brands – whose budget-options in a similar price range are simply boring compared to this!

The novelty factor is high – it makes a handy last-minute gift that needs no wrapping – but it honestly tastes as good as it looks.

This is just one of those times that it’s not too good to be true…

Bakker x

p.s. My online research revealed that Goldkenn, the makers of this chocolate, have other editions using Rémy MartinCointreau, Grand Marnier and more! This is definitely a Pokémon moment: Gotta Catch ‘Em All !!


2 responses to “Jack In The Box

  1. Sold! Will be seeking Jack Daniels chocolate at the supermarket today!! delish x

  2. I used to get Kentucky Bourbon chocolates back in the States. These look quite tempting!

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