Hangover Tips!

aaaaBefore all of you head to your New Year’s Eve celebrations, it’s not too late to take some notes for your (almost) inevitable hangover tomorrow. Hong Kongers sure know how to party, and so BBITES gives you my own totally unscientific, but tried and tested hangover tips… 2

: You might be leaving the party very late (or should I say “early”?), and there’s few things more painful than walking into a sunlit street from after-party number 3. Pack a pair of sunglasses in your bag just incase, they hardly a weigh a thing, so it’s really a win-win situation.
Eye-mask: If you don’t have blackout curtains at home, consider preparing an eyemask next to your bed/couch or wherever you plan to crash. You’ll most likely want to sleep for the first half of January 1st, so make it a nice dark abyss of a sleep.
Empty Schedule: Don’t make drunken promises tonight like “Hey, let’s totally do that beautiful hike tomorrow at 9am !!”, if you plan to party like it’s 1999.
Entertainment: Get some DVDs, games or other entertainment ready for your hangover recovery. At least when you wake up, you can soothe that headache with an old movie favourite.


Water: Drink LOTS of it. Before you sleep and when you wake up. Alcohol dehydrates you, so drink till you drop… water – I mean.
Pocari Sweat: It’s like water, but with added ‘ion’ goodies. A friend swears by drinking a bottle after partying. The light flavour also makes hydrating less boring.
Smoothie/Milkshake: Hydrates you, but with an added benefit of making you feel full. Especially useful if you can’t stomach any food.
Lucozade: This bubbly, artificial drink is the perfect nausea cure. Tried and tested.

Breakfast of Champions: The ultimate fry-up is a great way to get through a hangover (or prevent one by eating before sleep). Let the grease, carbs, fat and oil coat and soak up all the booze in your belly. There’s no mystery why places like Flying Pan are always filled with party-goers in the wee hours of the morning.
Fast Food: With the added benefit of being really cheap, fast food never tastes better than after a night out.

Plain Crackers: If you’re feeling really sick, this is just about the only thing you’ll be able to eat. Have some nearby – or the walk to 7-11 to get them might seem like the longest walk of your life.
Soup/Broth: Once you’ve managed to keep some crackers down, you may proceed to plain soup and broth – with caution!


Stay safe, good luck and enjoy your New Year’s Eve!!!!!!!!!!

Bakker x


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