BBITES in Japan: A Photo Diary

A few weeks and many bites later, Bakker’s Bites is back in Hong Kong and in the swing of things. If I had to describe Japan in a couple of words? Foodie Heaven.

I’m in the midst of preparing my non-BBITES Japan story, but in the mean time, I’ll let the photos do the talking (for the most part!) for my promised Japan post.

My first meal in Tokyo was memorable in that it caught me totally unawares. I really wasn’t expecting it to be that fresh and incredibly delicious… after all, we were just at a casual, neighbourhood restaurant.

This surprise at the sheer quality of virtually every meal was to become simple expectation; Japan has some seriously good food, all along the price spectrum.

Each bite of this first dinner was accompanied by ecstatic/eye-closing enjoyment. My host, Mattia, and I washed down our seafood meal with hearty jugs of Yebisu beer. Yebisu, as far as I know, isn’t exported to Hong Kong… 😦

The supermarket pictured above was in a rural area. Nevertheless, attention to detail and pristine presentation is clearly a nation-wide phenomenon.

Fruit in Japan are stunningly uniform; they’re so perfect they often look like they’ve been plucked from children’s alphabet cards (e.g. A for Apple; B for Banana…)

While in Narai, a preserved post-town, I enjoyed a steaming hot red-bean bun to ward off the evening chill. Yummy!

“Soft Cream” ice-creams are very popular in Japan. They come in a variety of interesting flavours in addition to the usual roster, including soba, macha (green tea), wasabi and more…

The last two days of my trip, spent in Tokyo, reminded me that although foreign, novel and often surprising to the visitor, Japan can be as metropolitan and familiar as Hong Kong.

Halloween parties all over Shinjuku caught me by surprise as I ventured out costume-less, but still enjoyed the sights, sounds and shots (of tequila!) with the rest of Tokyo’s party-goers.

As a guest of Japanese inns or hotels, you’ll often be given a light kimono (known as yukata) to wear after your hot bath.

My silly expressions (ranging from Samurai warrior to Smiley-face) can mostly be explained by the copious consumption of beer and sake at each night’s dinner. 😉

Thanks for reading 🙂 – Arigatou gozaimasu ありがとうございます。!!

Bakker x


2 responses to “BBITES in Japan: A Photo Diary

  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! Soba flavoured soft cream mmmm 🙂

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