BBITES Mini-Post #3 x Death Note

Hi to all the hungry readers out there! Tomorrow I’m flying back to Hong Kong after a short trip to Singapore, where I’ve been visiting my awesome family :).

But, before I return (and head out to find my next BBITES post), I want to share an iconic food scene with you from an anime series called Death Note. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this incredible anime, all you need to know about Death Note is that the main character, Light Yagami (pictured above), is a highly intelligent, albeit neurotic high school student who wants to eliminate evil from the world by killing criminals with a magic notebook.

The Potato Chip Scene – immortalised by this internet meme…

In this famous scene, known as “the potato chip scene”, he is using the potato chip bag as a brilliant – and tasty –  alibi to prove to police (watching him on surveillance cameras), that he isn’t guilty by concealing his evildoing with the bag of chips…

Enjoy the potato chip intensity/hilarity in FOUR languages in the youtube video below:

Bakker x


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