Why Order @ Felix?

Why, indeed? In order to answer this question, BBITES takes you back to 1994, when a pair of high-waisted jeans and a hideous print t-shirt was the style du jour.

It was in 1994 that the Peninsula Hotel opened Felix. Designed by Philippe Starck , Felix was meant to impress visually; and it still does.

Departing from the traditional, colonial design of the hotel, Felix was a deliberate step into the future. Staying true to its forward-looking and modern perspective, Felix introduced its iPad Menu in June 2011.

The Felix iPad uses a specially created Menu app, devised by Designercity, a HK-based digital agency (also responsible for Jasons’ “Secret Garden” kinect screen).

Intuitive, colourful and complete with photos and details of main menu and wine list items, the bright screen makes browsing easy and facilitates reading in the romantic, albeit dimly-lit, restaurant.

According to Felix, the new format hasn’t changed ordering habits, but continues to receive a warm welcome from guests.

Beautiful photographs of Felix’s menu items can be found in the Food Menu. As the menu changes seasonally, Felix is able to update the photos and relevant information via a self-management system put in place by Designercity.

Although Felix boasts its own in-house sommelier, the iPad Wine List is a comprehensive and attractive encyclopedia to the restaurant’s vintages.

For people like me, who appreciate good wine but are equally clueless in remembering all the technical wine information that helps in making informed ordering decisions, the digital Wine List is a saviour.

For all the Robert Parker-followers, wine notes for each vintage include his trusted “Parker Points”.

Another cool feature of the iPad Menu is the “Mood Wheel”:
1. Spin the bottle (and shake off that indecisiveness!)
2. Find out your “mood” (“Green: Refreshing” aah, so that’s what it was…)
3. Choose from the suggestions (a list of “refreshing” wines appears!)

Watch my accompanying clip to see the mood wheel in action (and more!)…

After all is said and done, guests can check their selection (including the total bill) before a Felix waiter whisks your high-tech order off to the kitchen.

Stunning panoramic views of HK’s skyline; a timelessly modern restaurant design; an innovative spirit; an entertaining and sleek iPad menu… all of these are reasons to order at Felix.

And that’s before even getting to the food and drinks themselves…

Bakker x


2 responses to “Why Order @ Felix?

  1. Eeep that’s so awesome! Great blog post chica x

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