T-Minus 24 Hours: Blogger Sneak Preview @ Jasons Food & Living

Hey y’all!  So it’s 24 hours before Jasons – Food & Living’s Blogger Sneak Preview (see previous post) and I’m getting very excited.

Along with fellow Hong Kong food bloggers, I will be given an exclusive sneak preview of Jasons‘ new Food & Living megastore in Causeway Bay before the store officially opens its doors on the following day, August 10th.

After receiving cool package number 1 in the mail from the Jasons team, another sweet surprise was delivered a few days ago: the official invite.

I don’t know what the other bloggers (looking forward to meet them!) received for their invite, but mine had a very tailor-made feel. An artisan style jar filled with Japanese strawberry candies concealed the string-tied letter inside. Details included a hand-written note with a clue, as well as a real key dangling alongside.

So far, I’m impressed with the attention to detail and level of personalisation the invite packages were made with. It makes the central concept of Jasons – Food & Living visible but most importantly, enjoyable. To quote a cute word from the invite itself, I have high egg-spectations for tomorrow’s blogger event.

Stay tuned for the blog post (photos AND video) coming up this weekend!

Bakker x


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