A BBITE of… Jasons – Food & Living

I guess this is the part when food blogging starts to get really cool… 🙂

Today I was out and about when I got a call from a courier mail service. I was expecting to find a box of old clothes and mementos from my childhood (that I had shipped from my parent’s house to my Hong Kong flat) but, instead, there was a small brown paper bag waiting for me.

Now I remembered! It was the invite from Jasons – Food & Living  (great website design, by the way!) that a friend, now working for a PR firm, had asked for my address for. Inside the bag: a letter; a G.O.D. custom baggage tag; and a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Long story short, Jasons is getting ready for the launch of their new Food & Living store,which will open in August at the new Hysan Place mall (that building opposite SOGO that has been under construction forever).

It would appear that I am cool enough of a blogger to get a sneak peak and enjoy these gifts while waiting for more news about the grand opening!! 😀

These Charbonnel et Walker chocolates will be a Jasons exclusive…

With the kind of human traffic Causeway Bay generates, this store will surely be choc-a-bloc since it will house:

– Ridiculous amount of imported foreign food merchandise (many of which will be exclusive to Jasons – Food & Living)

– All the fresh and imported produce you can dream of… (meat; seafood; deli; alcoholic beverages)

– A Food Hall with a the first HK branch of famed Japanese ramen shop,  Baikhohken; as well as Chinese, Western, Sushi, Starbucks and a low-fat ice-cream joint, to name a few!

BUT… what will (hopefully) make the store stand out from the other, what I like to call, “expensive supermarkets” like City Super, Great Foods and 360 is their lifestyle concept, a.k.a. the “Living” part of Jasons Food & Living.

As you can see, my new luggage tag is pretty cool! But according to the letter, G.O.D. has also designed the staff uniforms for Jasons – Food & Living. Sounds like a designer-airline collaboration to me, and I like it!

I have no clue what the massive 20,000 square foot store will look like, but I have high expectations for the interior design because of their lifestyle concept.

However, if the design should somehow fail, Jasons – Food & Living will have a Mannings Healthy & Beauty store, and Wellness Centre on top of beauty and baby products to fulfill the “Living” quota.

Stay tuned for more…

Bakker x


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