BBITES Mini-Post #1 x Singapore Surprise @ TWG Tea

When walking through the line of shops facing the Exchange Square entrance to IFC, you can’t help but look into TWG Tea.

The rich woods, gold finishings and decoration are host to elegant table settings, beautifully presented tea tins and, of course, large glass displays of freshly baked cakes.

It has an old world, Colonial feel to the design and decor, an aesthetic that naturally incorporates some elements of Chinese style, all the way to the menus and packaging.

As it turns out, according to the official site, TWG Tea Company is actually a franchise founded in Singapore; its concept being derived from the city’s “great history as a trading post for teas, spices…”

It’s possible to buy an entire cake to take home. However, considering the price of just one slice ($60), it’s more financially and calorie-reasonable to just get one slice and be done with it.

If it wasn’t for its name, Singapore Surprise, (My mom is Singaporean, so I was feeling a little national pride), I would have most likely overlooked this cake and never given it a chance. Why? Well, to be totally honest: it doesn’t look that promising. The simple dark brown burnt exterior with custard filling actually disguises three refined and complementary flavors.

1st layer of flavor: Outer layer of the cake; burnt caramelized sugar, similar to Creme Brulee style but more thin and light.

2nd layer: Custard filling; tiny fraises des bois/wild strawberries mixed in (these strawberries are incredibly potent despite being small); and pink, instead of large and red, like their regular counterparts.

3rd layer: A butter cookie crust to hold it all together, and to neutralize the combined sweetness from above.

It tastes like eating some kind of gourmet strawberry ice-cream sundae… knowing the ingredients are all totally fresh and freshly prepared. 🙂

On the other hand, my friend Samantha opted for a Strawberry Tart that was as good as it looked, the highlight being an amazing crust.

Although it is more on the pricey side, consider TWG Tea cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth; either in its serene cafe bistro setting, or for a special treat at home.

Bakker x


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