Who is… The Chicken Man?

Today was one of those rare beautiful Spring days in Hong Kong shining out of the muggy weeks of February and March before the stifling heat of summer sets in.

I couldn’t have chosen a better day to walk into a restaurant that I usually walk past on High Street in the Pokfulam area: The Chicken Man.

I’ve been thinking about visiting this restaurant ever since it opened about 6 months ago. First of all, I liked the straight-to-the-point name: The Chicken Man. There’s no double-guessing here: this place is all about chicken.

Even if you didn’t look to notice the name, or the cute logo, you’d definitely smell the wafts of roasting chicken floating out onto the street at points during the day.

If you’re a fan of internet memes and chicken, this place is for you! Awesome chicken-related pics are framed on all the walls. There is a bit of a D-I-Y feel to the décor with utensils in tin buckets and picnic bench-style seating. However, you don’t have to leave your seat as the Chicken Man himself will happily serve you :).  There was hardly any waiting time and the service was good.

Since this was my first visit to The Chicken Man, I opted for the down-to-basics Lunch Set Menu of 1/4 Roasted Chicken (served with a small salad and potato of the day) to see what their chicken is all about without any distractions: just pure chicken.

After ordering I was given a choice of which sauce to have with my meal. I opted for Portuguese Piri-Piria spicy and exotic alternative to the gravy and BBQ sauce options.

My first bite was a french-fry. They were lightly fried, not oily, non-salted and lightly crispy. I appreciated this a lot, because this is a much healthier way to serve fries. For flavour, there was paprika lightly dusted on. Things got off to a good start!

Next, I dug into the roasted chicken. I was in heaven because it had been so long since I had a good roast chicken; they are hard to find in HK without spending money on a whole chicken or dining at a pricey Western restaurant. The Chicken Man has its own chicken-roasting machine, which means everything is fresh and less costly!

The meat was almost all very tender (about 90%), well-seasoned and delicious overall. The skin could have been a bit crispier for my liking, but it was still crispy enough for me to eat (I hate soggy roast chicken skin). Although the Piri-Piri sauce was a great addition, the chicken was tasty and juicy enough to stand on its own.

The side salad was a standard soft-boiled carrot/onion combo with tomato sauce. Yummy but not extraordinary: the focus is the chicken.

After spending $50 on this well-balanced and nicely portioned lunch, I was full enough to walk away. But… since I was so satisfied I knew I had to try the dessert after David (the manager/Chicken Man) told me that all the food there (including desserts) was made in the kitchen.

For an extra $8, I added on this amazing apple crumble. The portion was appropriately small for the low price – but perfect since I just had a little space left for dessert. Next time I think I’ll go for a snack and get the à-la-carte portion because it really hit the spot!

Served at the right crumble-temperature (warm, not hot), the slow-cooked apples were sweet and sticky under a bed of buttery crumble. You can see the powdered sugar and vanilla sauce in the photo which added an extra boost – although a small scoop of ice-cream would have been divine!

Unlike many crumbles out there, this one didn’t over do it on the amount of crumble. With about a perfect 1/2 and 1/2 ratio, I happily ate this obviously fresh delight.

I can’t wait to return and try more dishes on the menu (there’s soups, sandwiches, paté, as well as different sides and desserts…). I have a feeling I’m going to become a regular. Maybe you will too!

Bakker x


2 responses to “Who is… The Chicken Man?

  1. Now I want to meet the Chicken Man!!

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