Coffee Confidential

Hong Kong is a city that’s constantly on-the-go. Coffee is a part of life for most Hong Kongers; it’s served everywhere from local diners to HK’s most popular coffee chains, Pacific Coffee and Starbucks.

In this sleep-deprived and fast-paced city, coffee is the perfect drink to amp you up for a busy day ahead; or to pick you up when you get tired later on. But not all of us have the time to queue up to buy expensive coffees from coffee shops every time we want a caffeine fix…

So, in this post I’m going to share my favourite on-the-go coffees with you. They classify under my “on-the-go” food category because they are: 1. Cheap, 2. Instant & 3. Convenient.


I discovered this coffee by chance in the Park-N-Shop supermarket (now called “International Supermarket”).

I was intrigued because there was a sticker on the box with local HK celebrity, Moses Chan, endorsing the coffee.

Since his face was literally everywhere in HK at the time, endorsing tons of different products and services, I wondered if he’d put his name on this coffee because it was good.

Turns out that he did! The box doesn’t come with the sticker anymore, but I’m still enjoying this coffee a few mornings a week, at least. Conveniently packaged in 10x sachets per box,  you simply mix one with hot water to get a nice, full mug of hot coffee before you leave the house.

Coffee Confidential Notes:
TW’s Strong & Smooth Coffee
Taste: roasty, sweet, strong and with a slight mocha (chocolate) hint of flavour. No need to add sugar.
Energy Level: quite high. After a whole mug of Strong & Smooth, you’ll definitely feel awake and ready for a marathon.

If you’ve already left the house, and need a coffee on the way somewhere, 7-11 houses two great coffee options; the tin can coffee being one of them.

Its smaller size can come in handy if you don’t have a lot of time to finish your coffee and you need to, for example, head into the MTR where no food or drink is allowed.

In winter-time they are sometimes stocked in warm heater appliances in 7-11, which is always a nice treat.


Coffee Confidential Notes:
Nescafé’s Tin Can Coffee (Regular Flavour)
Taste: not the most rich coffee, but has a solid and simple taste. Try out Nescafé‘s other tin can flavours for variety (e.g. Crème White, Strong…)
Energy Level: low. You’d probably need two cans for a good buzz…

Apart from its cool name and cute packaging, this coffee delivers on the taste side as well.

In a convenient bottle package that you can throw in your bag, you don’t have to rush through your coffee, no matter where you’re going.

And especially thanks to its almost candy-like appeal, this is one you definitely won’t want to rush through, anyway.



Coffee Confidential Notes:
Nescafé’s Smoovlatté
Taste: a great balance of coffee vs. milk. Thick and smooth with toffee undertones.
Energy Level: medium. Since the bottle is neither too large nor too small, you will feel noticeably more awake and alert after finishing a Smoovlatté, but not a strong effect.

So before signing out, here’s some snaps I took of prices at International vs. 7-11. Much cheaper than a coffee-shop coffee right?

So next time you’re in a rush, and in need of a energy boost: try out some of my long-time coffee faves, available practically everywhere in HK.

Bakker x


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