Snacks on Set

The other week, I shot a series of B&W photos with a friend I’ve known almost as long as I’ve lived in Hong Kong: photographer Earl Wan. The theme of the shoot was “Natural Self”.

Bakker - Natural Self (shot by Earl Wan)

One consequence of modeling in Asia is the tendency to be a bit “posey”. This is because a lot of the modeling jobs out here are more on the commercial side.

So, when we started shooting I was struggling to break out of my usual poses and give Earl something real and natural to shoot! Luckily, knowing the food freak that I am, Earl offered me some of the snacks he had at the studio…

…and after we threw some food into the mix, I was in my element and Earl got the natural shots he was looking for.

First, I started snacking on a box of delicious Danish Butter Cookies. These cookies make me think of Pringles’ slogan, “Once you pop, you can’t stop”. Each of these Mermaid Butter Cookies is almost small enough to be bitesize, and coated with crunchy sugar grains.

Apart from the standard plain butter cookie, they also included some chocolate and chocolate chip variations for good measure.

After eating about five or six cookies, I stopped because I knew I was capable of eating the whole tin and, considering they weren’t my cookies, that might have been a bit rude. 😛

Next, I got started on a zip-lock packet of dried apple chips. I’m a big fan of dried fruit because it’s kind of like magic: the flavour goes from zero to a hundred within a few seconds as you chew away.

I didn’t take note of the brand of these chips, but the writing on the packet was Japanese. You can buy dried apple chips from MUJI, if you’re looking for something similar.

Tomorrow starts a busy week of modeling jobs for me, and despite the odds, a part of me still hopes that there might be some interesting and new snacks to nibble on at work.

Bakker x


One response to “Snacks on Set

  1. What a gorgeous, loveable and hilarious post. Thank you for sharing with us! 🙂

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