Can I Have Another One?

“Can I have another one, please?”

We’ve all said this at some point or another when we’ve just eaten something new and truly delicious. We are so blown away that we can’t wait to have it again. Ordering a second round of something sounds like nothing out of the ordinary: if you’ve got time and extra to spend, why not?

However, I’ve found that there are certain occasions when ordering “just one more” is a mistake. The second round just doesn’t taste as good; the aura of perfection that surrounded the first round seems to disappear. 😦

In some cases it’s better to wait a while and give it some time before going back for that amazing food experience; that way, the magic of the dish won’t be squashed out by a disappointing repeat of what initially got you so excited. It will probably still be pretty good, but it won’t be incredible like it was the first time. In other words: you will regret it.

Here are my tips, learnt through trial-and-error, on when you should avoid ordering twice: 1. When the food has an extreme of taste. 

Anything that is distinctive due to one element of taste (e.g. sweet, sour, zesty, bitter…) has its first impact because of the surprise to your taste buds. By the time you’ve finished eating, your tastebuds will have developed a short-term tolerance to that taste, and a second round repeat will be bland in comparison. 2. When the food has an extreme in texture.

We are hardwired to like variety in our food. So, too much crunch, fluff, jelly and so on, can leave you feeling bored. What you want to try to preserve for the next time you return to this dish (with some time in between) is the novelty of textures that was a delight to begin with. 3. Fatty, Buttery and Oily Food

The three most irresistible ways to make something taste good is to add fat, butter or oil. Or all! If you just spent a phenomenal 10 minutes eating meat with juicy, crisp fat on the side or something deep fried to perfection, going back for more has two bad outcomes. First, the enjoyment of the fat becomes banal, just like tip number 1; and you might even feel a bit sick afterwards from the sheer overkill!

I hope these 3 golden rules will help you avoid ruining those perfect food moments by the too-common error of getting something twice. It can be very hard to resist ordering a second straight away, but if you take a breather and take at least a few days, the wait will make it all worth it in the end.

Bakker x


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