Bakker’s Bites 1st Birthday!!!!

Today marks one year since my first post on Bakker’s Bites!  To celebrate BBITES’ 1st Birthday, I organised a fun, food-themed photoshoot.  With the help of photographer Natalie Prittie-Perry, I shot some fun, tongue-in-cheek pics that I hope you’ll enjoy:

After a long day of shooting and a long night of AdobePhotoshop (my first time using the program! – talk about a crash course :P), I am proud of what Natalie and I have created.

In addition to the photoshoot, I have done some changes to the design of the site to make Year 2 of BBITES a bit easier on the eyes: new header, new fonts and a wider column for easier reading.

Time passes too fast, but I hope to keep up with continuing to share my food experiences with you.  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!

Bakker x


6 responses to “Bakker’s Bites 1st Birthday!!!!

  1. This is so cute! Congrats Meng! Blog is great.

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