Singapore… so far!

Greetings from BBITES in Singapore!  I’ve come to spend Christmas with my family in SG but am also making two trips to Indonesia as well… so you can expect some exotic posts from the South East to warm all of you up back at home in Hong Kong.

This is a little follow-up on a previous post called, “How Your Friend Always Orders the Better Dish”.  On Friday night my family (+ Ryan, a childhood friend of my brother and I) went to watch Aladdin, a Wild Rice theatre production.  It was a hilarious Singapore remix of the Aladdin story and believe me when I say I have never laughed so much at a show (or movie!) before. 😀

Ryan, me and my brother back in the day!

Before the musical started we grabbed a lovely dinner at Shokudo Japanese Coffee House.  All of our orders were very nice… until we came to dessert.

My brother, my mom and I decided to split two Shokudo Original Tofu Cheese Cakes between us, whilst Ryan opted for the Blueberry Cheese Cake.  Tofu sounded so cool right?

Well… turns out the texture just wasn’t to our liking: despite a nice flavour it felt like a slab of tough jelly when were expecting a creamy, aerated Japanese cheese cake.  Ryan, on the other hand was envied by the rest of the table with his simple (and normal!!!) cheesecake.

So this time.. it really was our friend that ordered the better dish… I guess sometimes it doesn’t pay to be adventurous.  The management was very friendly and asked us why we didn’t finish our Tofu Cheesecakes, we responded with the above faces (just kidding!).  Thankfully the rest of the meal was delicious so we weren’t left disappointed by any means, instead all of us were laughing about how I’d written that blog post and still got it wrong… *sigh*.  Life (and ordering food) will always be a work in progress.. 🙂

I’ll be back soon with more BBITES…

Bakker x


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