New Place Alert: Eivissa

Sami and I pictured here with a glass of Ivy Gimlet Royale and Old Cuban respectively. Not for the faint-hearted 🙂

On Wednesday night I had a preview of what new Wyndham Street bar, Eivissa, has to offer!  I went with a group of friends and spent the evening in a flurry of very agreeable drink and food…

The interior design is reminiscent of the sci-fi movie TRON or high-end gaming AlienWare laptop compputers, with sleek black lacquered contours and soft lights emanating from underneath.  Not a totally new look, but definitely stylish enough to fit in on one of Lan Kwai Fong’s most visited bar streets.

A sleek aesthetic...

My favourite cocktail for the night was their Passionfruit Martini, served with a gooseberry.  I was surprised to see how many of my friends didn’t eat their gooseberry and simply left it on the glass without trying.But, I suppose if you’re not familiar with the fruit that it might look like a sour trap in disguise… Since I did take the opportunity to eat mine (and the other ones left behind) I can happily confirm that they were sweet and fresh, and perfectly completing the passionfruit’s sour notes.

Other drinks that were a delight was their very decent Bloody Mary, a sweet and refreshing Raspberry Caipirinha (served with hundreds of blended bits of raspberry), as well as their Tiramisu dessert-imitation cocktail.  Be careful not to inhale as you drink or you might choke a bit from the cocoa powder dusted on the top!  😛  I wasn’t as taken with their Kiwi cocktail because it was simply too sugary and didn’t carry an authentic fruit taste like the other fruit cocktails did.

However, the journey didnt’ stop there!  During our drinks-tasting frenzy, our group also sampled a selection of small appetizers from Eivissa’s in-house kitchen:

Smoked Salmon and Crab Meat with Sour Cream and Capers
[top left] A nice bite-sized sphere of crab meat wrapped in salmon.  Topped with a tiny amount of caviar.  A must for seafood fans!  Love the addition of capers, they are so underrated!

Wild Mushroom Croquettes with Truffle Aioli
I’m a sucker for deep fried croquettes (a Dutch specialty), but this dish was nice without being extraordinary.  Still worth it to share if your stomach needs effective hangover prevention… fried foods always do the trick!

House Chips with Truffle Salt and Aged Manchego
This was an absolute treat.  My first encounter with chips and truffles together was in Singapore at Tanjong Beach Club where they served french-fries garnished with truffles and parmesan cheese.  At Eivissa, however, they have perfected it: the chips are thin crisps infused with oil, truffle salt, seasoning and topped with copious amounts of crumbled Manchego cheese.  Sometimes you are lucky enough, as I was, to find a huge chunk of gold waiting under the canopy of crisps.  Totally delicious.

The following night two models (including Sami) and I helped welcome guests for their Grand Opening.  I will post some of the official photographs from the event if I can find them, but I did take a snap of the dresses we were given to wear. 🙂

With a friendly bar staff and good food and drink to be had, I will certainly be back as soon as I return from my upcoming Christmas holidays…

Bakker x


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