The Perfect “Pre-Drink”

There is some irony in the term “pre-drink”.  It’s essentially an alcoholic beverage you consume before “officially” starting a night of… well, more drinking!  Note that it is possible to have “pre-drinks” (plural), as well.

Pre-Drinking usually takes place at a relaxed bar/lounge, or at someone’s apartment.  The idea is to work up a nice buzz before transitioning to a club, which is exactly what my best friend Sami and I were planning to do this Thursday evening…

I have been going to Lotus since 2009, when it was still at its old Pottinger Street address.  Since then, Lotus has moved to Soho’s Staunton Street, where it has a more open-air, albeit smaller space.  I used to be a total sucker for their Passion Fruit cocktail but my (and Sami’s) latest obsession is their Mekong Mary.

Mekong Mary: Premium Vodka rolled with fresh tomato juice, homemade nahm-jim, then finished with cucumber and lemon juice. Served long.

Lotus, being a Thai concept bar serves the traditional Bloody Mary with a Thai twist.  The nahm-jim sauce (“a combination of Thai fish sauce, lime juice, palm sugar, chilies, garlic and cilantro.”) is what provides the drink’s distinctive flavour.  The chili is offset with the cucumber and lemon juice and the entire drink is topped with coriander shavings.  I’m a huge coriander fan, so this earned extra brownie points with me.

Luckily we had arrived shortly before the Happy Hour 8pm cut-off time, and scored one free drink each!  Despite being a Thai twist on a standard drink, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the delicious flavor of a Mexican taco… this might sound a bit strange, but trust me – it’ll leave you wanting more!

Bakker x


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