Sevie Surprise #1: Sausages

To say I go to 7-11 a lot would not be an overstatement.  In the past I have collected Sanrio x Swarovski character keychains from my trips to “sevie” with their sticker scheme, but of late my sticker-collecting habit has been reaping new rewards: cute Paul Frank collectible monkeys.

When I check out of the store with snacks and drinks for the day, I usually overlook the sausages behind the glass counter.  Why?  Well… to be honest – they simply don’t look that great, and sometimes I’d rather avoid a bad encounter than try something that might be unappetizing.

The story behind the above box of fish shaomai and sausages is that I bought the shaomai and my friend bought sausages.  In the end, I was persuaded to try one and to my surprise, it was pretty good!

Here I am eyeing the second batch I bought for myself.  Although urban legend says that they are probably made out of dubious animal parts (much like the mystique of the chicken nugget), I don’t really mind.  Served hot, glazed and with a pleasant crispy bite, they’re simply comfort at best and that means: salty.

But then again… we all like what’s not good for us. 😛  Check out sevie’s in-house kitchen treats once in a while, I plan to as well.

Bakker x


One response to “Sevie Surprise #1: Sausages

  1. Menghis strikes again! 🙂

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