Cali Dreamin’

An overdue HELLO is in order!!  I’m back in Hong Kong after a month-long odyssey of food and fun in California.  Get ready for lots of photos…

Next comes the famous Californian burger drive-thru joint: In-N-Out Burger.  All of my Cali friends have raved about this place and it definitely lived up to expectations.

Luckily I have local friends who advised me to order my burger and fries “Animal Style” (refers to special sauce) from their secret menu.  There were pamphlets with calorie details available… but I thought it best to stick to an “ignorance is bliss” philosophy.

Being the melting pot that America is, trying American Mexican and American Chinese food was a must!  The Mexican (which I call “Mexy” for short) is scarily addictive… I’m going to miss it since I have yet to find decent US-style Mexican food in Hong Kong.

The most popular Chinese food chain in California is “Panda Express”.  According to my Californian native guide and friend, they have pretty much secured a monopoly on Asian food through their contracts with malls in which other Asian eateries are barred from setting up shop near by.

Like most food imported into the United States by immigrants, Chinese food in California has taken a life of its own.  Adapting to American taste-buds, it hardly resembles the Hong Kong Chinese food on which it is based.

I am a HUGE fan of pancakes, bacon, egg-type breakfast dishes.  Luckily I can get my fix in Hong Kong at the Flying Pan.  In the States, however, there are many diners either established in the 1950s, or recreated today, with beautiful steel and leather seating in the classic retro design.

I felt like I was in a Grease movie, which is a bit ironic considering the amount of grease I was probably consuming.  I don’t think I’ll get over… the American Diner.

That’s it for now… hope you enjoyed the eye-candy!  Next post will come to you from Hong Kong, a.k.a. = home.

Bakker x


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