The Grub That Keeps On Giving…

After one delicious experience with breakfast-slash-lunch fare at the Brunch Club, I returned last week to try the set lunch menu.  I was joined by my friend Juliana and, as it turns out, this was her first time ever to the Brunch Club on Peel Street.

I pulled the image of the set menu from the BC’s official website.  It differed slightly from what was on offer on the day.  Fair enough as it only says “Sample” menu:

This is how things played out for us:

APPETIZER: Cream of Mushroom Soup (substituted the Lobster that day)
A light delight.  This was a healthy departure from the typically heavier Cream of Mushroom soups that one usually finds in casual Hong Kong restaurants.  Topped with garlic infused croutons, parsley and an artsy swirl of light cream.

MAIN COURSE: Pan Fried Chicken Breast (served with tomato and olives)A very fine and perfectly crispy pan fried skin encased the two slabs of tender breast meat that rested on a bed of couscous.  Outside of Moroccan restaurants I rarely have the opportunity to eat couscous so this especially thrilled me. 

All the irresistible oils and fat from the chicken had soaked into it resulting in perfection.  The accompanying salad too vinegary for my taste; I always prefer olive oil with a hint of balsamic vinegar for salad dressing, but that’s just me.  Unfortunately they were stingey on the olives which is the main reason I chose this dish in the first place.  But those that were there were high-quality.

Serving sizes of this set lunch are more appropriate for the average lady customer rather than the average gentleman customer.  I’m quite sure that any of my guy friends would have wanted a much bigger portion if they would have joined Juliana and I.  With a comfortable space left in our stomachs for a sweet bite to finish, we opted in for the dessert for an additional 8 dollars.

DESSERT: Chocolate Mousse CakeAs you may be able to see from the photo, this wasn’t really a Mousse cake but a rich and very slightly bitter chocolate cake.  This scores high points in my book because topped with a sweet chocolate syrup, the dessert reaches a very sustainable level of sweetness.  In other words, your tongue doesn’t get worn out or bored by too much sugar.  Served with strawberries for that much-needed hydration break between sticky chocolate bites, this cake is also filled with small pieces of walnut. 

We waited, European style, to drink our coffee at the end of our lunch.  It definitely came in handy as a bit of caffeine works well to fight off that so-called “food coma” (i.e. a nap) that sometimes follows a good meal.

Bakker x


One response to “The Grub That Keeps On Giving…

  1. Mary Zarikos

    Yum! What a hearty meal. The chicken looks delicious.

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