Mad for Macaroni

For my first real “drunken dibs” post I tried to make the experience as authentic as possible.  This wasn’t hard to do.  After all, a fun Friday out is something we all crave every once in a while.  

I had dinner with friends at Shake Shake in Lan Kwai Fong and partied in several clubs (Fly & Volar) before my usual pilgrimage to Tsui Wah for some post-party food.

Cravings after alcohol tend to gear more towards the oily and fatty foods.  The spectrum at Tsui Wah ranges from the good (Hainan Chicken + Rice); the not-so-bad (Club Sandwiches); and the oily (deep-fried anything).

I was a bit vexed as I wanted to get something carbo and protein fulfilling yet stay away from anything deep-fried.  The result: one of my favourite Tsui Wah drunken treats: Macaroni with Double Egg (yes, double!) and Luncheon Meat.

This dish combines two things that I have discovered and subsequently fallen in love with since moving to Hong Kong: luncheon meat and fried eggs in soup.

The beads of oil (see above photo) in the soup are heavenly to appease an alcohol-filled stomach.  I poked one of the egg yolks and as it seeped into the soup, each bite became increasingly tastier.

My dish was the first to arrive and my friends and I frantically blew on the hot soup to cool it down and each have a bite, or several!  The Lan Kwai Fong Tsui Wah at this hour is full of drunk/tipsy people shrieking with joy when their food arrives.

By the time you have devoured the meat and eggs, the soup is cloudy and flavourful enough from the oil and yolk, that finishing off the macaroni is a piece of cake.

It’s a salty, without a doubt sodium-ridden dish.  But sometimes, that’s just what you need to hit the spot.

Bakker x


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