Instant Italian?

Sunday is coming up tomorrow so this post may be of some use to those of you who venture out for a late night snack.  I did this last week, only to discover that my 24-hour dumpling shop next door was closed!  Of course… I hadn’t stopped to think what day of the week it was and didn’t feel any blame towards them.  But I was, however, faced with the task of finding something vaguely similar to what I was seeking from the only open shop on my street: 7-11.

Nothing says “comfort food” in the small hours of the morning better than: mushroom + cream + soup and pasta combined.  And so, when I saw it I thought I’d give it a try.  I must admit that most of the fun was getting it ready as the final portion can be easily gulped down in a minute or two.

I also had the joy of capturing the powder, pasta and boiled water in high-definition with my camera as I created the little snack.  I won’t go into instructions as they are straight-forward from the photos but I will say this: be patient and wait 4 minutes instead of 3 because it will be tastier.

The final result defied my expectations in strange but not necessarily bad ways.  From the attractive packing photos, I expected the soup to be slightly thicker than it was but maybe because I secretly desired a mushroom cream pasta instead of a mushroom cream pasta soup.

The flavour was your typical packaged mushroom cream soup but with that oddly satisfying instant food phenomenon where you get bursts of flavour from small clumps of powder that haven’t fully dissolved.

After inspecting the ingredients label I discovered the clever methods they used to make it more tasty: cheese powder and (although this is visible to the naked eye) parsley.  Ironically the “real” pieces of freeze-dried mushroom tasted the most artificial in their extreme saltiness.

If you’re looking for an authentic pasta experience, this is definitely not the snack to try.  It is like a strange cousin: the pasta itself is quite bouncy in a most bizarre way.  But, if you don’t mind a rush of mushroom flavouring and some carbohydrates in the dead of night, then this is for you!  Beware though, instead of satisfying my late night hunger pang – it only served to whet my appetite!  Never mind though, a reason to pick another thing off the shelf can’t be too bad…

Bakker x

p.s. since I promised some form of documentation on my Singapore food experiences – here is a collage of the different things I ate.  Less words, more food!


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