Beer’s Best Friend.

On Wednesday I found myself in Lan Kwai Fong with friends post-Happy Valley Races and pre-clubbing.  To keep our beer buzz alive we naturally went to 7-11 to stock up on some Carlsberg (and Pocari Sweat to stay hydrated!).  When I gave the 7-11 aisles one last just-in-case sweep, my eyes were drawn to a pack of Pretz sticks that literally looked like a large refreshing glass of beer.

When I realised that the flavour was edamame beans I immediately grabbed it for the noble cause of Bakker’s Bites.  😛

Truth be told, to really experience the edamame flavour, you have to let the chewed-up stick rest on your tongue for a few seconds.  Then it will flash across your taste receptors.

But otherwise, the overall experience is a delightful one of bright green crisp, thin biscuit sticks coated with lightly salted yet slightly sweet flavoured powder.  The taste is vaguely vegetable-esque when eaten quickly, but its everyman taste is perfectly suited for beer.

The beer packaging is endlessly appropriate and much fun.  And, to top things off, the packet is re-sealable in typical convenient Japanese style.  There is a multitude of exotic food flavours under the Pretz stick line and this first experiment with Bakker’s Bites has proven satisfactory, if not a little weird.

Bakker x


2 responses to “Beer’s Best Friend.

  1. i tried the squid ink, it was a -nahhhh- for me but oh well, acquired taste i guess.. the edamame were pretty good in comparison with the squid ink. i hope they have it in hk! you gutta try how exotic it tastes!

  2. I loved all the little random and weird snacks in South Korea… so yummy. (and sometimes you get the random not so yummy one!)

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