Bakker’s Always Been Bizarre

In December 2004, my best friend invited me to join a GINGERBREAD HOUSE making session at the hotel where her father was working.  It was the first time (and the only) time I’ve ever made a gingerbread house.  While my friend kept hers intact to admire through the Christmas season, mine lasted one day as a showpiece before it was devoured.

Looking through old files this week, I stumbled upon this video – which I forgot I even made – of me, aged 14 admiring and gobbling the mass of cookie, M&Ms and more…  it’s as weird as it is embarrassing, but I couldn’t not share it with you!

Bakker x


One response to “Bakker’s Always Been Bizarre

  1. Mary Zarikos

    Aww Meng! You’re too funny. What a perfect little snippet of December 2004. That month was truly all about the gingerbread houses..

    Btw, I know Lily and I probably made fun of you at the time for making half your roof with cornflake tiles (as opposed to our pretty multicolored m ‘n m tiles), but I must say in retrospect, that looks delicious! haha


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