Technical Woes…

This past week has been quite the technology fiasco for me.  First, my external hard drive broke.  I wasn’t too worried at the time but in retrospect, I should have taken it as the omen that it was.  More than once I took my camera out with me to take photos for Bakker’s Bites only to discover that I left the battery charging at home.  Then, on Friday I fell flat on my butt walking down a slippery Peel Street (of course, it has to be a street name related to food) and broke my mac laptop.

This expression sums up my feelings on the last few days... 😛

One trip to Wan Chai computer centre later, my technology storm has cleared up to brighter and bluer skies.  Tomorrow I’m going on a hike followed by gallivanting on the beach, so hopefully I’ll find some cool stuff to eat and write about!

You’ll hear from me soon,

Bakker x

p.s. or for my next post… I may write about the Chicken Cordon Bleu salad and Peanut Butter & Jelly smoothie (yup!! How crazy is that?) I’m getting from Dressed Salad via Cuisine Courier tonight.


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