Waterfalls and Mouth-watering Food

On Saturday I had the good fortune of going hiking with a group of friends who had organized everything: a trail passing three mini-waterfalls from the same source (the Ng Tung Chai waterfalls.)

We discovered some very exotic animals on the way… can’t help thinking all animals are technically food after watching Bear Grylls on Discovery Channel.

Even though there was a landslide block part of the hike’s circular trail, we managed to traverse the fallen rocks quite easily (it was exciting, to say the least!-but too intense to stop and take photos).

By the time the hike was over, we were all very hungry and had a short brainstorm on where to go next for lunch.  One taxi ride later and we were in Sai Kung, walking the pierside avenue bustling with local Hong Kongers and their dogs.  Apparently this is where owners congregate to show off their well-groomed pooches.

We finally settled on one of the many seafood restaurants facing the water, each boasting huge impressive tanks in a majestic Chinese display of competition.  All the animals were alive and fascinating to observe.

What was even more fascinating, at least for Bakker’s Bites, however, was when they weren’t alive anymore.  Our lunch was phenomenal with some killer deep-fried calamari, Chinese soyfish and a garlic-glass noodle scallop delight.

Served with sweet chili sauce to boot!

The calamari werefried in a thin, crispy batter.  It made me sad to think how many calamari vendors in the world put on huge, soggy and tasteless batters to mask thin strips of calamari.  At this restaurant, the meat was the main attraction, and the fried encasing the cherry on the top.

Luckily we had a talented fish disassembler in our group who separated the meat from the bone for the rest of us.  The rest of that fish was spent eating in silence: a nice, traditional chives and garlic fish.

I was too excited to snap a photo for the delicious scallop, but there is some video footage I need to review of me eating it up.  Then I’ll decide whether or not I will embarrass myself by sharing that hilarious lack of table of manners with you.


If you can, I totally recommend spending a day like we did before it gets too hot… bring your dog if you have one!

Bakker x


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