A Way to Spend the Day

It’s that wonderful time of the year: the “worst” of HK winter is over and we embrace each bright and warm day as it comes.  We always forget that in the space of weeks that same sun will become your worst enemy and aircon, your best friend.  But, leave those thoughts for later and enjoy the Honeymoon while it lasts!  Now is the perfect time to do all the park-strolling and pavement lazing you’ve been dreaming about during those colder months.

IFC mall, apart from being a shopping haven, is also food paradise.  City Super stocks up exotic goods from the world-over for all those expats missing a bite from home or for locals with a taste for the unkown.  With eateries ranging from salad bars to Chinese dim sum, I can always find an excuse to head on over.   Last weekend I satisfied my frozen yoghurt craving with one of my best friends, Gennie.

Located opposite City Super + by door opening to outside bridge/walkway

We like Yo Mama for two reasons: the “yo” is more dairy-tasting than some of the other chains, they have Green Tea flavor (OMG) and, of course, saying “Yo Mama” over the phone is about the closest we will ever get to being cool :P.

Gennie went for a minimalist “yo”, whereas I tried to keep it healthy but ended up caving for some delicious chocolate flakes (I loved how they were shaved in thicker slices than I’m used to – that way the chocolate doesn’t dissolve away and you can keep crunching on the texture).

Ok, so as far as frozen yoghurt goes, Yo Mama is nice but not superior to other chains in any significant way.  The cool thing about grabbing frozen yoghurt from IFC is that, weather permitting, you can go to the IFC mall rooftop to eat, chat and enjoy the sky-garden they’ve got going on there.

I’d go sooner rather than later, because soon you’ll need an umbrella, SPF50, a fan and icewater just to be able to sit there for 5 minutes. 🙂

Bakker x


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