Somewhat of an optical illusion, Japan’s Jagabee brand specialising in potato chips offers HK residents the chance to chow down on French Fries without having to step into McDonalds, Burger King or other calorific-horrific venues.

They’re available in almost every 7-11, Circle K or supermarket, although it must be said that the yellow-top variety is harder to find – like the gold pot at the end of the rainbow.

Chips? Fries? Potato Sticks? You decide...

They’re essentially glorified crisps or chips, depending where you’re from, in the shape of French Fries available in two flavours: original and Butter Shoyu.

Although it is true that, representative of its Nippon origins, much of this snack’s appeal derives from its presentation (pleasant packaging as well as the “kawaii” (“cute” in Japanese) factor of chips in the shape of fries), the flavour and texture are satisfactory in their own right.

The consistency is crispy and crunchy but retains a “melt in your mouth” smoothness after chewing.  It reminds me of that wonderful sensation when eating cookies cooked with ample amounts of wholesome butter.  This is especially true of the butter variation.   In both cases, however, be sure to grab a small drink to accompany your Jugabee “fries” or you may be left feeling a bit thirsty because, like real fries, they are salted.

It’s a perfectly sized and conveniently packaged snack that doesn’t leave any mess, so if you’re passing by any convenience store or supermarket chain, pop in, grab some French Fries and take a little trip down novelty lane.

Bakker x

(note:  My deepest sympathies go out to the Japanese nation during this difficult and tragic time.  I hope you can join me in supporting amazing Japanese products like this one.)


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