Brunchin’ for Luncheon

This Sunday was a particularly lazy one and so when some friends asked if I wanted to join them to visit the Brunch Club, I immediately said “yes!”.  There is great appeal in this café’s name, as if you will find other like-minded hungry people there.  It was pretty crowded when we arrived, and we had to wait a few minutes to get a table in the inner open-air courtyard… and I thought we were being original by wanting brunch on a Sunday ;).  Bear in mind, though, that we had a dog with us and needed a bigger table, otherwise we might have been able to squeeze in somewhere as soon as we arrived.

Upon entering the café, I noticed a lady drinking something so good that she seemed to be hardly listening to her companion’s story.  Finding it on the menu was easy and so, I proceeded to order a hot chocolate with marshmallows, cinnamon and cream.

Overall I really enjoyed this drink.  The toppings melted into an unbelievably delicious sludge as the heat from the hot chocolate slowly melted the marshmallows nestling at the top.  Speaking of heat, however, my only complaint would be that the hot chocolate wasn’t quite hot enough and quite chocolate-y enough.  According to the menu they prepare the hot chocolate the traditional, authentic way but methinks they need to amp up the amount of chocolate to make this  really worth dying for.

Soon after I started getting serious about my hot chocolate, my smoked salmon and parmesan cheese omelette arrived.  It looked good on the outside, but just to be sure I cut it in half to check it out: the mark of a good omelette is by its cross-section.  With parmesan cheese oozing out and hearty chunks of smoked salmon beautifully lodged in a well-balanced (and seasoned) cooked vs. uncooked egg encasing, I was more than happy with my lunch.  The strong salty smoked flavour of the salmon balanced out the rest of the omelette thus eliminating the need for additional salt: always a good thing.

Dishes consumed by my friends included a bruschetta platter and eggs benedict.  Equally yummy and above all, very fresh.

All in all, a very nice place to chill out, eat and enjoy the company of friends.  Brunch Club also boasts an entire wall filled with every  magazine and newspaper you can think of, usually in mint condition and free to read for the duration of your time there.

Pricing is similar to Café O (a HK chain with similar menu) but the quality, and the atmosphere of Brunch Club is superior by leaps and bounds.  Considering it is just off of Caine Road (there is a Café O on Caine Rd as well), I will definitely be coming back soon.  My only regret is that I waited this long to check it out.

Bakker x


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