A Nostalgic Nibble

Camouflaged in the kaleidoscopic sea of snacks at my next-door Circle K store, Jack n’ Jill’s DEWBERRY cookie snack waits patiently to be noticed.  Under the oppression of the more popular (and ubiquitously advertised) Twixes, Mars Bars and Oreos of the world, it doesn’t seem particularly alluring in its small and old-fashioned packaging.  I probably would never have tried it, had it not been for its unbelievably low price tag at HK$2.3.

I’ve always been hesitant about things that appear “too good to be true”.  When I first moved to Asia it took me a while to become accustomed to the lower price of everything nice.  Slowly, over the course of my time in HK, I’ve found that there just are some things here that are cheap and totally amazing at the same time – without any catches.

This treat, described as a “Sandwich Cookie” on the wrapper (non-dessert words describing dessert foods is almost always a good thing), took me down memory lane all the way back to my time in England as a young girl.  Memories of fine teas, delicious biscuits, cakes, scones and more during afternoon tea on plush couches using delicate silverware.  Whether it was a blissful retreat to a London hotel for High Tea from the hustle and bustle of High Street after a day of sightseeing, or in a loving neighbour’s sitting room, I’ve always felt that afternoon tea represents some of the best things about British charm.

And an unassuming cookie can give me all that in one bite?  Yes 🙂  And, although it may not hold the same memories for other people, what can certainly be enjoyed by its fans and hopefully some of you readers who go out to try it, is the following:

Three delicious tiers of flavour.  The first is its relatively high-standard “melts-away” butter cookie encasing.  The second is a layer of smooth vanilla flavoured cream.  And last, but not least, is the dollop of jam at the centre (either strawberry or blueberry – hard for me to decide my favorite).  The jam, sprinkled with sugar, has a perfect stickiness that doesn’t get stuck to your teeth and dissolves at a perfect pace in sync with the first two layers of cookie and cream.

Each pack contains four poker chip-sized cookies at a mere 185 calories, thus making it any calorie-conscious person’s ideal pick-me-up.  I can only speculate that its inclusion in Circle K’s lineup hails from HK’s colonial past and its association, in my mind, with the British tea time ritual.  Or maybe just because it’s yummy.

I heard from a friend that, once upon a time, the courts in the UK heard a case whose verdict depended on whether or not the plaintiff’s product should have been classified as a cake or a cookie.  But don’t be alarmed, no law enforcement will come knocking down your door as you sink your teeth into this delectable delight.

Bakker x


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