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My life, so far, has been defined by the seemingly contradictory: whether it be my heritage combining East and West, my academic pursuits marred by the occasional hangover due to my love of nightlife, or a penchant for gaming and technology amongst my love of music and art.

But perhaps what people find most surprising is my passion for food.  Why?  I have loved food all my life and so it is curious (and frustrating) to me how my fairly recent foray into the world of modeling has just become another example of how society’s labels can change the way people perceive you in profound ways.

Whoever said “Don’t feed the models” should be pelted with rotten fruit!

Much of the inspiration behind starting Bakker’s Bites was to reconcile the notion that people “like me” should not take joy in food… or eat at all, for that matter!  But even more so, I hope that, apart from sharing with you my exciting food experiences to come, the spirit of this blog will help prove that there are no real contradictions in anybody’s existence: we can be all that we want to be, in every way we want.


As this is my introductory post, I should probably tell you a little bit about myself before launching into my first real post.  I currently live in Hong Kong but spent my childhood in Europe.  When I was growing up, food was pretty much the centre of family life.  Whenever we were divided by typical family drama, we could always count on preparing, eating and tidying up a good meal to shut us up and restore the household peace.

Meal times represent teamwork, sharing and togetherness just as eating is not to get full: it is a celebration of all the senses.  My Dutch father and Chinese mother almost always cook together and when we moved to the south of France they embraced the delicious cuisine of the Mediterranean.  With an abundance of fantastic local restaurants, glorious food markets and a family of natural cooks, I lived, for a few sweet years, in effortless gastronomic bliss.

Then everything changed.  After graduating from Secondary School, I went from living with my family to being on my own; being cooked delicious meals to having to fend for myself; from living in Europe to living in Asia; and knowing my way around a small town to discovering a new city.  The day I landed in Hong Kong I found myself having a panic attack in my tiny shoebox Wan Chai studio apartment.  Was I homesick or scared?  No!  I was HUNGRY but I was so disoriented that I didn’t know where to go.  The food choices were so alien and too numerous for me to be able to take it all in and I went to bed hungry that night.

Two years later, much has changed.  Like so many others before me, I have fallen in love with this city.  It feels like every day there is a new restaurant opening around the corner or yet another novelty food product being stacked high on Hong Kong’s supermarket shelves.  I am still terribly ignorant about so many aspects of my beloved new home, especially when it comes to food, so join me on my food adventures as I straddle the worlds of modeling, budget-living and culinary delights in this wonderful food mecca that is Hong Kong.

Bakker x


4 responses to “Introduction!

  1. good work DBakker, keep up your good work and share with us some delicious food. xoxo

  2. Great start!

    Don’t forget to Facebook it.

  3. Ferry de Bakker

    An important and often overlooked subject in Asian cuisine and cuisine in Asia: S-A-L-T. Three weeks after arriving in Singapore from France, my blood pressure readings were alarmingly high. Yesterday, at IndoChine in Singapore I wanted to ask the waiter: “Can I please have some food with my salt?” Be it haute cuisine or street food, there is way too much salt in most food in Asia! Help!!!

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